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28 Feb 2014

Employees may have to work The royal wedding day is an official holiday, but some employers are making their employees work that day.The nuptial ceremony is not a work day for most british workers, Canada: but some employers are demanding workers to punchin their time clock anyway.What is going on? The monarchy has declared banks to be closed and the day should be free of work as a national holiday.April 29, 2011 is to be set aside as aholiday, but some employers are ignoring the royal decree.The workers are furious.Does that would mean the country stops Pandora Beads Canada all together?Some services must continue, and a workfree day is not always possible. Some companies cannot afford to lose a whole day of production, butpeople are crying foul.They demand the day be given as a holiday.If workers don’t show up, they will not be paid;It’s just that simple.Now the unions are getting in on the fray.Britain’s largest labor union, the gmb, is demanding worker’s rights. Do you think the companies or the union is right?The television can be on, and the workers can watch the festivities on the set, but this attitude of workers to demand the day off with pay is ridiculous.




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