Tiffany Bracelets UK different advertising posters for shoe

28 Feb 2014

Jodi gordon star still shines But of all the cracks in jodi gordon’s until-Recently picture-Perfect life, her career certainly doesn’t seem to be one of them. Less than two weeks after allegedly admitting to taking cocaine (more jewellery here) and hallucinating a home invasion, the embattled home and away star was back to work as a model at the weekend-Proof her sponsors are sticking by her. A day after media heir stokes flew to the us on business, the brunette bombshell on saturday went to melbourne to shoot five Tiffany Bracelets UK different advertising posters for shoe label tony bianco, for which she is an ambassador. Although there was speculation her lucrative modelling contracts may have been in danger over the scandal, which involved alleged rebel’s bikie mark judge, gordon appears to be on solid ground. Read about jodi gordon’s bizarre police raid Jodi’s binge bikie mark judge caged On-Set spies reported she was in fine spirits and”A pleasure to deal with”And director tony bianco was happy to confirm the campaign took place. “Jodi’s ease with the camera really helped us to create some Tiffany Shop amazing shots and we can’t wait to release the tony bianco summer campaign in august,”He said yesterday. Confidential has also learned the 24-Year-Old renewed her home and away contract last november for another three years and her role with underwear label crystelle is also believed to be safe.




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